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Sample Contracts

A contract is an essential part of any agreement in the alpaca business.  Whether you are purchasing an alpaca, buying a breeding, or arranging to agist, a contract is a safeguard that puts in writing all understandings between the two parties.

The following are samples of contracts that can be used to provide an understanding of some of the elements worth considering in contracts.  Some items not included in the sample contracts that often need addressing include:

  • Payment terms
  • Penalties/Repossession in case of default
  • Ownership of cria born during period of contract
  • Rights of agisting farm to exercise "best judgement" for medical emergencies did not create these contracts and offers no assurance as to their legal soundness.  We are not attorneys, and we accept no responsibility or liability stemming from the use of these sample contracts. Use them at your own risk.   We recommend an attorney be used to draft and review any contract.


Sample Contract for a Proven Female

Sample Contract for a Maiden Female

Sample Contract for a Proven Stud

Sample Contract for an Unproven Male

Sample Contract for Stud Service

Sample Contract for Agisting

Sample ORGLE contract (Lease with an Option to Buy)


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